Our Company

You Dream It. We Create It.

Shumaker PDT is a full-service special-event production company based in Lancaster, PA. We take pride in turning ordinary events into extraordinary experiences.

Our state-of-the-art multimedia and audiovisual capabilities, custom lighting designs, lounge furniture, fabrics, and decor packages allow us to cater to virtually any event size, type, and theme. Combine our team's proven expertise with a passionate commitment to customer service, and it's guaranteed that any event Shumaker touches will be an unforgettable success.


Shumaker Vision Statement

We aim to to the best, most dependable, full-service event production company in the Mid-Atlantic region. We strive to surprise and delight you and to exceed your expectations by making your event experience more than you think it can be.  

Shumaker Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver exceptional event production via unwavering professionalism and passionate commitment. With core values of integrity and excellent customer service, we partner with our clients to elevate brands and transform visions into lifelong memories.

Shumaker Value Proposition

Shumaker has a passion for creating world-class events with a personal touch in the Mid-Atlantic region. Combining your vision with trend-forward design and technical expertise, our team of top notch professionals takes care of all the details so you can relax and bask in the glow of an unforgettably successful event.


SOLIDARITY. I attribute all successes to the team. I speak positively of my teammates, our organization and don’t engage in gossip or bad-mouthing.

HIGH VALUE. I am results-driven and determined to see our company succeed. Thus, I constantly focus on high-value tasks to produce the greatest return on investment of our organization’s time, energy and resources.

UPRIGHT WITH INTEGRITY. I am a consummate professional and adhere to the highest ethical standards. I serve for the benefit of our team, our region and our city.  

MISSION AND VISION-FOCUSED. I am committed to our Mission and Vision and ensuring my actions and goals are aligned to ultimately contribute to their fulfillment.

ACCOUNTABLE. I am accountable for my department and its results. I own my mistakes and move forward to develop solutions.

KNOWLEDGE. I have a passion for making things better. I recognize change is necessary to maintain our competitive edge and that success will only come through continuously improving the quality of our products and services. Therefore, I continually look for ways to improve my skills and knowledge in order to perform my job more effectively.

EXCELLENCE. I align my efforts, resources and talents to the continuous pursuit of exceptional performance, products and services.

RESOURCEFUL. I am a creative thinker and regularly look outside my paradigm to develop strategies or solutions. I research what other successful people in my field do for inspiration and seek to learn from them.

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Our Founder

Rodney Shumaker is the founder and owner of Shumaker PDT. For the past 14 years Rod has led Shumaker PDT’s initiatives to Plan, Design, and Transform events across Central PA. Along with his talented team, he’s grown the company from a small startup to an award-winning, full-service event production company. 

Rod’s interest in event planning and design extends back beyond his company’s founding. While attending high school, Rod became interested in theater and got involved in the technical side of his school’s productions. After graduation he traveled around the country with musician and entertainer John Bressler, assisting with the technical set up and stage design of Bressler’s shows. Rod gained even more experience in the entertainment industry when he was asked to travel with the late Canadian jazz musician Maynard Ferguson and serve as his personal valet. 

Eager to establish some roots, Rod returned to Lancaster in 1998. He began working for the Fulton Opera House and Clair Brothers and continued to grow his technical expertise and creative vision over the next five years. In 2003, Rod drew on his industry experience and entrepreneurial spirit to found Shumaker PDT. 

Even as a young entrepreneur, Rod’s vision for the company was clear. “When I started the company, I used the word “transform” in the name because while planning and design are critical, the ability to take an ordinary event space and make it magical—make it more than the client actually thinks it can be—is what I wanted Shumaker to do,” says Rod. “I wanted our clients to understand that when they choose Shumaker, they get a visionary company they can trust. My goal is to always exceed expectations.” 

Rod and his team meet this goal time and time again. Whether at weddings, corporate or non-profit events, or private parties, Shumaker PDT dazzles clients with technical know-how, creative insights, a commitment to safety, and impeccable planning.

“We think the mark of a great event is when you forget we’re there,” says Rod. “When the audio is perfect, the lighting creates the mood, and your guests are in awe of the experience you created, then we’ve done our job perfectly!”